Saturday, August 16, 2008

Renee Zellweger snaps back

The multi-talented Renee Zellweger has thought of a better way to fight back the annoyance she gets from paparazzis; take a snap back at ya! ;-D

The "Chicago" starlet decided to be really clever while getting confronted by the cameras after leaving Ole Henriksen on Sunset Plaza yesterday afternoon (August 11th)... she pulled the old switcheroo and started taking pictures of the photogs with her phone! See the video of her in action at

The next day, Renee was spotted break from filming on the set of her new movie “My One And Only” on Wednesday afternoon (August 13th) in Marina Del Rey, wearing a yellow jacket paired with blue spandex tights with an iPod shuffle hang at left pocket of her. She's still practicing her new addiction: using her mobile phone to annoy others. ~LOL~

The film is a 1950s-set comedy in which the glamorous Anne Deveraux (Zellweger) embarks on a drive down the Eastern Seaboard in a quixotic search for a wealthy man to fund a new life for her and her sons. The other stars that join in the movie, which is set for a 2009 release date, are Kevin Bacon and Chris Noth.

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