Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ScummVM supports iPhone, ...and others too

Just a little bit of reminder, especially for you who love to play old & classic games from Lucas Art. Such as Secret of Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, Maniac Mansion, Day of Tentacle, etc. You can always replay those games with your mobile phones.

ScummVM latest release v0.11.1 is already supported iPhone, grab the package at this link and use it with the official games you've purchased legally. Remember, play safe & stay legal.

I'm sure iPhone's wide screen will make it so fun to play the games, unlike with my Treo's squarish screen where I must squint my eyes to see the details... Oooh, I'm so envy you iPhone owners. When, oh when will iPhone arrive here?? ~LOL~

For you who have upgraded your iPhone into firmware v2.0, or for iPhone 3G owners, there's a premilinary version available. And if you have a brave heart & soul to try it out, then grab it at this
link. Or you may want to follow on the progress at this ScummVM's forum, and watch closely untill a stable version comes out.

And for other mobile OS platforms like Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Symbian, etc. you're not left alone. ScummVM has sucessfully
supported them too, the only thing left for you to find is the games you wanted to play again. Oh, almost forgot to remind you who haven't know of ScummVM, you can read the FAQ first, and don't forget it's free! ;-)

Yeah, I'm being melancholy right now. ;-p But rather than waiting for
Fallout 3 to come out (which I'll definetely play it even if I have to "steal" a gamer computer ;-p), I'd rather waste my time with good quality classic games like I've mentioned above.

[blogged with my Treo 750v]

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