Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Refilled cups

It's been a very long weekend and busy days for me lately, and more works as tomorrow will come. I often found myself so hard to keep my eyes open, so the best way to avoid half sleeping while on work is to take a quick break with a hot cup of coffee to accompany me.

What are the best friends for my coffee? I have my own addictions since last year: reading PalmAddict's blogs while listen to new shooting tunes. ;-)

I'm feeling
Jason Mraz songs these past couple of days, his music is easy to listen and ease a bit of my stress from the burden of heavy workloads. I guess I've made a good purchase on Jason Mraz's newest album, it's a pretty good music compilation.

And as for the PalmAddict's blogs; I always feel connected to this great mobile community, which I'm like coming back home to a familiar place where everyone know everybody. For one; it's good to see
PJ Art's post again. It's been a rare one to see his, so if you haven't then you should read his thought and it's an excellent insight worth reading.

Secondly, happy birthday to
Steven Hough, our own Sub Editor who just had his birthday celebration with ManU's defender Wes Brown. You're one lucky Red Devil fans, Steven, I envy you to able to met with one of ManU's team. ;-D

I hope all of you're having a nice start of the weekend, don't forget to refill your cup of coffee; and also your soul. ~LOL~

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