Monday, October 20, 2008

Asus shows touch-panel laptop concept for Windows 7

We can laugh at Windows 7, all with its new naming endorsements etc. But when I saw what the laughable next Windows Vista successor is going to change the computer design, like what you can see on the left live photo shot there; then I'll think about stop making fun out of it.

Asustek Computer showed a new concept for laptop during Computex 2008, the laptop is slated to be released to market in first or second quarter of 2009; as reported by Digitimes (via Ubergizmo).

But unfortunately Digitimes doesn't say whether the black colored touch panel on Asus' new laptop concept is using glass or not. Because if it is, then it looks like Asus is also jumping into the trend bandwagon; just when Apple is started to use glass display for its new MacBooks 2008 line-up.

Obviously, the touch-panel laptop concept is designed to take advantage of the upcoming Windows 7. And most probably, Microsoft's Surface technology as well. Here's something for us to see more interesting things to come out in 2009...

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