Monday, October 6, 2008

BlackBerry's App Center first look

If it's not BGR who bring us the latest news & rumors of BlackBerry (BB), then the other site that specialized in BB; the CrackBerry does it. And this time, it's about Research In Motion (RIM), the BlackBerry maker respons to the growing popularity of Apple's App Store: BlackBerry Application Center.

In short, and as written on the leaked screenshot on the left is to be called: App Center. There are lots of other screenshots and more informations about this App Center, head on to CrackBerry

Aside from the main requirement that App Center will be available on BB Storm's v4.7 operating system and will be designed for the Storm touch screen UI, the other important remark is that the wireless carriers will be the one to offer directory list of downloadable applications; including responsible for hosting the application data and sending updates to the directory to RIM.

That means you'll gonna get different kind of apps when you use different wireless carriers... I'm not so sure this could turn out to be the best idea, and solution against Apple's App Store, don't you think?

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