Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is this the new iPhone for business?

The title up there is catchy, isn’t it? That is the same line that has captured my attention when I read this neat article at TG Daily, it’s actually about RIM’s BlackBerry Storm. But there are more than what meet the eyes in the article, especially when there’s a ‘storm’ coming to our little mobile world right now…

There a ghost, that’s being chased by almost every mobile-phone manufacturers in the whole world nowadays; it’s the iPhone ghost. After Apple introduced iPhone to the smartphone world, it basically forced mobile-phone manufacturers to sit back and rethink how they create new devices, including new features and how they can compete.

One true example was thrown at us from the business side; Research In Motion (RIM) has officially launched its first “clickable” touch screen smartphone nicknamed “Storm”. Instead of keeping its (RIM’s) pace inside the safety track, RIM has ‘boldly’ keep one foot astray from its safety zone by making a non-QWERTY keyboard handset; it’s brand new a 3.25” (480x360) touch screen.

The Storm got the whole shebang to beat the race for entertainment-focused handset to rival the king; a.k.a. iPhone. For a quick peek inside the Storm, there’s one of iPhone’s main traits: accelerometer that switches the phone view between vertical and horizontal screen mode. Not to be forgotten, RIM also has prepared the BlackBerry's
App Center to fight heads on with Apple's App Store. --click on the comparison chart pic to enlarge it--

But surprisingly, like what Wolfgang Gruener (TG Daily) has mentioned in his article; “An old weakness of the old Blackberries remains with the Storm as well: There is not much memory (1GB).” That and along with the lack of WiFi feature, has made Storm as an awkward choice for entertainment-focused users who are looking for the ultimate ‘iPhone-killer’ handset.

So all in all, Gruener has made a notable remark about the catchy title above: “However, the Storm is building a very convincing case for users with a focus on business applications.” Yup, Storm might doesn’t provide the same level of entertainment as the iPhone does. But it surely has the right knacks to beat the iPhone in the race into the mobile business market.

And how about Nokia’s latest touch screen handset, the
5800 XpressMusic? Did I forget to include it in this blog post? Nay, I’m not. But if I do that, then I might as well add this line into the title of this post: “Is this the new iPhone for entertainment?” Since with the ‘Comes With Music’ service name is slapped all across the face of N5800, it certainly is aimed for entertainment-focused market segment; not for business.

Then how about T-Mobile's G1 Android phone? I'll talk about it in the next post, so stay tune here! ;-)

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