Sunday, October 19, 2008

MacBooks 2008 new line-up: resistance is futile

I am underwhelmed. And I pretty much sure, that you are too.

First, was because of the bountiful coverage of the leaked photo shots and rumors about Apple’s new “Brick” laptop, now known as the MacBook 2008 line-up. They were bleeding everywhere around the blogosphere, no matter how often I plugged the hole from leaking, I kept seeing them being covered at least once in every tech blogs I visited.

Second, soon after the official announcement of the MacBooks 2008 line-up, those new laptops are reviewed immediately by many major tech blogs and news sites. It’s like those reviewers were breaking into Steve Jobs’ personal vault, while he’s on stage on the announcement event, and snatched the new laptops for themselves. ~LOL~

I can’t blame them, though. It’s been in a long line of computer history, that Apple products always invite so much attention from everyone. Eye-catchy, that’s the proverb if I’m not mistaken. For one example, I always admire HP’s 2133 Mini-Note physical design. The combination of aluminum colors on its body, is in contrast with the glossy black colored screen. Just exactly what Apple has done for the new MacBook design.

Update: It seems our own Sammy also loves the new MacBooks, is that a live photo shot of Sammy’s new MacBook 2008? ;-)

And that’s the same of what Michael J. Miller from one of PC Mag’s Blogs said in his blog: “And we know the company (Apple) can make anything seem special (case in point: with Time Machine, Apple made a backup program seem sexy).”

But it’s indifferent for my brother, a sarcastic 32-years-old programmer skilled with C# and SQL Server language plus a web site designer, which makes him a totally PC (read: Microsoft) devoted users. Him and I had a little conversation about the new MacBooks 2008, and after throwing arguments into the mix about the pro and cons for having a Mac system; he eventually reluctant to admit that Apple’s products are indeed eye-catchy. He quickly added “only” in front of the mentioned proverb.

Is it? With all of those new things thrown in by Apple to the new MacBook 2008 such as the “unibody” aluminum process, glossy screen, glass multi-touch trackpad, faster and more power-packing graphic processor; is it still “only” good looking rather than the beast inside that matters?

For those who are not Mac die-hard fans or simply neutral computer enthusiasts, the answer would like Dan Costa’s answer (from PC Mag) on the new Macs: "So what?"

It’s not just him who is disappointed by the minor changes inside MacBooks 2008 specifications, but also Lance Ulanoff (also from PC Mag) and many other bloggers out there. Again, they who are not fanatic for Apple’s products. Lance Ulanoff’s comment on the new Macs: “…but it looks like Apple's running out of truly big ideas. I look forward to January's MacWorld (2009) event, but with even more diminished expectations."

These both guys from PC Mag are more underlying the MacBooks 2008’s price tags, Apple’s cheapest new MacBook is now priced at $999 and that’s still too expensive for most of mainstream users. Instead of releasing a “me-too” netbook variant (quoted from Dan Costa’s saying) within the newly introduced MacBooks 2008 line-up, Apple still believe to enjoy a fat-juicy profitable margin returns from sales of such an expensive piece of technology.

The mainstream buyers and the Mac wannabes, are both screaming for lower Macs line-up. That includes me, I’m a dreamer & I’ve dreamt of getting a MacBook Air since it first came out, but never able to fill up the cash needed in my piggy safe. ;-p We’re all acting like today protesters, who are screaming to bureaucrats for lower fuel price and cheaper living cost.

The ongoing epic of MacBook line-ups can be related to the upcoming and most watched U.S. Presidential 2008 election (Obama vs. McCain), which is now being over shadowed by fear of déjà vu on what has happened to Tom Bradley; an African-American who was one of the California governor candidates back in 1982. The reaction from computer & mobile users are almost similar to that.

A quick flash back: Bradley lost the election only by slight numbers, but it shocked many analysts and those who were following the election news. Because Bradley managed to stay on top of many polls, that alone means people never stay true to their principles, we easily switch it at the end. *snap* Just like that.

Back to the topic, those who’ve been complaining of MacBooks hefty price tags; will they soon change their screaming into spending their cash to buy the coveted eye-catchy device? Will the reviewers who have bad-mouthed about MacBooks 2008 specs change their statements too?

Because they say only true Mac believers, who have owned or use the previous version of MacBooks, to feel and appreciate the “unseen” greatness in the new MacBooks 2008 line-up. Essentially, the appreciation can only be felt when using the device. Just like what Gizmodo says in its review: “Not visible with the naked eye, you can feel the lineage of these systems, evidence that Apple has not forgotten its history or the taste of its various demographics."

For you, who is a PC or not a Mac lover; then it’s an easy passage for you to move on with your digital life. But it’ll be the opposite for you, Apple/Mac die-hard fans; it’ll feels like when you’re being confronted by those nasty Borgs from Star Trek, who always say these words while stare at you with their cold-robotic eyes: “Resistance is futile… it's time to buy the new MacBook!” ~LOL~

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