Sunday, October 12, 2008

The many shadow nicknames of “The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook”

When Apple has finally decided to drop off its famous iPhone NDA, this act has caused a chain reaction set into motion. As you may have know it, the existence of iPhone NDA had been restricting software developers to talk about the apps they’re working on, and the iPhone SDK itself to the public.

After the ‘watchdog’, a.k.a. the iPhone NDA is now gone; now they’re all free to discuss the development process behind the apps and eventually the core: iPhone SDK. One that has made a very quick move to release one of the first book to build apps with the iPhone SDK; is Erica Sadun.

Erica has written for TUAW for a good while, and just recently started working with Ars Technica. But aside from her knack of writing good editorials, Erica also a talented iPhone developer (author of MakeItMine, SendFile, SendPics, Light, SendSong, VoiceNotes, AppFlow, XLaunch, etc.). The newly published book by Erica, titled: “The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook”, is a $39.99 PDF worth download which has 385 pages of development knowledge (well, about 340 pages.. and some blank pages and tables of contents etc... ) that will teach you something no matter what level of development ability you're at.

The book is very much suitable for those who are planning and begin to build apps for iPhone platform, it takes you through the basic steps of creating your first iPhone app, and also goes into detail on many of the higher levels of developing.

There’s a naughty sarcastic thought that was rushing into my mind, when I first read the news about Erica Sadun’s new book. With the popularity of iPhone (and iPod Touch) rises to the roof, and who knows where it’ll go upwards when iPhone has reach the whole world; it might be a good way to make a living to write something about developing apps for iPhone.

Besides, when Apple has opened up its App Store; both the software developers and consumers are racing to get inside and have a piece of the tasty centralized-sales apps for the most coveted device right now. So, after reading more and more requests for review of Erica’s book in the net & on-line forums; I began to wonder how much people out there who are willing to buy the book when the reviews have hit the spot?

The book itself may contain little information for advanced developers, but for beginner it’s a place to start. And comparing between the advanced and the newbie developers, you know where the balance is tipping into. By then, other iPhone developers will also joining in to write books like Erica’s, and slapped brand new ‘catchy’ titles for their books.

For example, the maker of the controversial “I’m Rich” app might be able to write a book titled: “Get rich fast by developing non-useful apps for iPhone (and tips to actually get away with it from Apple’s iron-grip policies)”. ~LOL~
Or perhaps, the maker of those crap apps will write a book called: “You don’t have to build 15 different apps, just rename one simple app and sell them with new names”. ~bigger LOL~

And I love this one from
WillyDavidK: "How to get rich using the iPhone SDK and the AppStore!" It does sound ridiculous, but we have often see these kinda things happened before our very eyes. It’s up to us, to filter out the bad ones and accept the great ones…

Sources are from
ModMyI and iPhone Atlas.

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