Sunday, October 12, 2008

Newsstand for iPhone/iPod Touch

Tired of reading the same o’plain RSS feeds in your iPhone/iPod Touch? With all of iPhone’s graphic horsepower and gorgeous user interface, it’s a sore sight to read the RSS news in simple text menu. So this is exactly where Newsstand will enter, the RSS reader app for your iPhone/iPod Touch has a neat way to showcase the registered RSS feeds that will make it stand out in the crowd: news stand view in landscape orientation.

What’s this news stand view? It is a graphical way to view the RSS news like they’re placed on a news stand, or like newspapers placed on a shelf, something like that. Tapping on the desired cover will pull it off and open it up like a magazine, where you’ll be flipping open the news. The left page display the list of available news, which the headline is highlighted in yellow mark; while the contents of the news are displayed on the right page.

Switching the orientation mode into vertical position, Newsstand will display the RSS feeds in standard view. In this mode, you can use Newsstand to view the original websites without leaving the app itself. Alternatively, it also give a shortcut button to launch the news in Safari web browser.
OMZ:software, the maker of Newsstand, has included plenty of options to manage and organize the app. Such as creation of new folders, flag for marking articles, themes, add & import new feeds from almost anywhere.

Important remarks regarding Newsstand app, has been pointed out by Ben Boychuk from
Macworld; and they’re about bugs and the app performance: "Apart from quibbles about type size, my main complaint about Newsstand is speed. I experienced substantial lag between the newsstand view and the standard RSS view. ... Newsstand seized and quit three times as I was trying to organize my feeds into folders. And the app gets stuck in landscape mode from time to time."

In the mean time, if you’re still not sure whether to purchase Newsstand or not; you can download and watch the video demo at this
link. Enjoy!

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