Sunday, October 19, 2008

Top 5 Must-Have Jailbreak Apps by TiPB

To jailbreak your iPhone or not, that's the million dollar question for many iPhone owners these days. Although there are already hundreds of apps available in the App Store, not much of them can beat the usefulness of apps for jailbroken iPhone.

Time fly by so fast, it feels like just few weeks ago I posted the 5 useful apps for iPhone, and since then newer-better apps are being invented everyday. So now, Jeremy Sikora from TiPB has gathered up top 5 must have apps; which can be good reasons why you should jailbreak your iPhone right away once you buy it. ;-p

But keep in mind that not all the apps about to be mentioned is not going to be as useful for everybody, we have our own preferences and liking. So without further ado, here they are:

Winterboard, one of the most flexible app for changing your iPhone's theme. It'll not only change your iPhone's skin but also the icons, wallpaper, dock, status bar, etc. You can find more information regarding this app at this link or as Jeremy pointed out there's a comprehensive guide at this link.

BossPrefs, can give you extra options for configuring your iPhone, including “Poof!” a section where you can disable icons, even if they are fixed ones like iTunes or Weather.
IntelliScreen, is a web widget, that is very much alike Windows Mobile's Today Screen. Where you can have up to four small widgets at the same time, like you can see on the screenshot pictured right. See the whole features at its web page.
Backgrounder, I've posted about this app here at PalmAddict. Complete with the drawbacks and how-to from Erica Sadun, be sure to check it out before you jump to install this app into your iPhone.
Categories, this app allows you to create folders just like in your desktop computer. Jeremy wrote: "When you add an App to a category, it is taken from the Springboard list so that it no longer shows up on the home screen. When you remove the app from the category it is returned back to the Springboard."
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