Saturday, October 18, 2008

A visit to remind

I've got a call from my father today, he asked me to pay a visit to a funeral of one of his business acquaintances while he's currently out of town. I know we always avoid when things that are related to death come up, death does not compromise with time and place. It comes uninvited, and at the time we least expected.

So I asked for the unfortunate person's name, and wrote it down along with the funeral address on my Treo. I just switched to speaker mode, and while my old man spoke, I wrote them all down with BugMe! app. I immediately set an alarm for the BugMe! note I made, so I won't forget about it when I'm done working.

But before I went there, I realized that I didn't know how to get to the mentioned address, I quickly made a call to one of the company's driver to ask him which roads I should take to get there. I met with the driver at office, and when he was explaining the roads, I drew a sketch raw map of the roads with PhatPad. It's so convenient, since there's no need to find a paper or pen first. Plus the sketch map will always inside my pocket, within the Treo.

It all work as a reserved memory bank for me, I looked up at the sketch map again while I was driving and I managed to get there, then I pulled out again the notes of the name, so I won't be entering a wrong funeral because there are two other memorials at the building.

All in all, I got two reminder today: one is a reminder to be always have a healthy life and avoid a short life, ;-p second is a reminder of how useful is my Treo to become my private digital secretary that keeps nagging me if I ever forgotten about something...

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