Friday, October 10, 2008

WebPro's proxy has gone with the wind

I know, the title above is 'cheesy'... ;-p

But it's kinda true, you know. For you who are still using old Palm devices, which the web browser is still the nWeb or WebPro with versions older than v.2.1 can no longer use their browser. Palm has disabled the proxy, and even the proxy-assisted modes has ceased operation.

TamsPalm blog says: "Instead of offering a free download of an old version of Blazer or Web Pro 3.5, Palm recommends a five-year old and totally useless browser called PocketLink. ... Cutting a long story short: Palm REALLY wants to kill off older (pre-NVFS) handhelds and smartphones."

And I like how Tam Hanna say about this sudden WebPro's proxy death: "Unfortunately, the timing once again proves Palm’s idiocy: with Nova still at least half a year away, users will likely switch to quality PocketPC handhelds like the ipaq x10 series in order to be able to browse the web once again…"

[blogged with my Treo 750v]

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