Sunday, October 19, 2008

What Apple's "Crapps" Store should copy & paste from Android's Market features

While App Store users are still growing in pain, trying to figure out which apps are good or bad amongst hundreds of filtered apps by Apple; Android's Market users are in fact presented with the opposite approach by Google.

The Market, is still in its infant stage compared to App Store; it's still in Beta and being tested as the T-Mobile's G1 phone is passed around. But there are features in Android's Market, that made it look more mature than Apple's App Store.

Joshua Topolsky and Chris Ziegler from Engadget are lucky enough to get their hands-on the G1 phone, and they've pointed out these neat features in Android's Market that Apple should 'copy & paste' into its App Store. 'Copy & paste', *chuckles* get it? ;-)

  • Featured section, at the beginning of the Market's home screen that's maintained by Google ...and each app category can be sorted by popularity or date added -- good for finding the best apps and the freshest ones, respectively.
  • Security warning for each app you download. Android can determine what potentially sensitive features of your phone the app will have access to, which should theoretically help you make smarter decisions about the kinds of things you're comfortable downloading (and by whom they're published). It gets really in-depth, too -- it doesn't just tell you that the app has access to your personal information, for example; it tells you that it can read contacts and calendar entries.

With the increasing numbers of crap apps in App Store, it's more likely for iPhone users to get lost so quickly in the vast options and categories within; it'll be more suitable if the name changed into "Crapps Store" instead... just for now. ;-p

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