Friday, November 7, 2008

Ben Affleck shows off how light is the MacBook Air

For cryin' out loud, there's no better way to show off how cutting-edge your gadget is and how passionate you're for your family at the same time than this. Ben Affleck has just done them both in style, when he picked up the adorable daughter Violet from school.

The "Dare Devil" star held Violet with his right arm, while he flashed a MacBook Air with his left hand. And by the way, who's that holding a BlackBerry Curve? Pitty the photogs only took a picture of the hand...

Hey wait a sec, what are those papers behind the MacBook Air? Are those scripts for Ben's new movies? It's been awhile since we seen a good movie coming out from Ben, hope he'll make interesting movies again like the "Sum of All Fears" & "Smokin' Aces". ;-p

Source is from X17 On-line.

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