Sunday, November 9, 2008

Slow Sunday swirl

Good Sunday morning everyone, hope y'all are having a great end of the weekend; and most of all hopefully your Sunday is more sunny than mine. Cuz for me here, at this small town of mine is all nothing but gloomy day all of the weekend.

It's entering the rainy season here, so the humidity level is really torturing. It's hard to do all the work with sweat running down your chin... ;-p

Like always, I poured myself a cup of addiction (read: coffee) like I always did every morning. There's nothing to beat the leisure time I have everytime I sat myself down at ease on the balcony, drinking my addictions at the same time: coffee on the left & read RSS news, especially PalmAddict posts with my Treo in my right hand.

Sometimes Sunday can become the slowest day than the rest other 6 days, and that's how I feel about today. Not much of exciting news to follow, but still there are few ones that are interesting enough to know. I'll try my best to fill you in with the last couple of days news, and help to swirl around today's slow motion. Cheerio! ;-D

[blogged with my Treo 750v]

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