Friday, December 12, 2008

1,000 posts and still going...

I didn't realize until today, when I opened my weblog dashboard and it shows that I've reached 1,000 posts till now.

That means I've been talking and ranting about mobile technology, life, and other things I've came across so far. And I wouldn't have continue doing this, if I never got any responds from you, my dear readers. ;-D

So in this little special occasion, allow me to say thank you for all of your attentions and for reading/hear what I've got to say all these time. This 1,000 post is not just for me; but also for all of you.

In the mean time, I've checked my previous posts' labels and found out that Apple and celebrities topics are dominating most of my posts. BlackBerry comes in third place, and then followed by Palm, where as Google becomes the fifth most discussed topic by me.

I've put the list of labels on the right panel for you to choose, so you can now quickly jump to see the topics that interest you most. Or for a quicker shortcut, you can easily click on the label(s) under each post you're reading.

And lastly, if you got the time, please register yourself as a follower to my weblog by clicking on the 'Follow this blog' option at the right panel, it's not that far above the list of labels. So then I can have your cute little pictures posted there. ~LOL~

Oh, and don't be shy to comment on every blog I've posted. I'll try my best to reply your comment whenever I have the chance.

Thanks guys!

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