Saturday, December 6, 2008

6 flirty QWERTY smartphones

Christmas is just few weeks away from now, you ought to be wondering what will you get for your geeky girl/boyfriend. Or perhaps your super-mom needs a new smartphone that can handle her hectic schedules, or your workaholic father need a smartphone that will help remind him of your birthday, so you’ll get a present next year. ~LOL~

With so many smartphones out there in the wild, it’s like a killing mine field for newbie who are clueless about smartphone’s features & specs inside. Smartphone newbie might fall for only the good look, and not carefully take notice of what’s inside. This is where product reviews come to handy, why bother yourself checking out each smartphones one by one if there are people who have done that for you?

Here’s one particular good reference for you who are looking for smartphone with QWERTY keyboard, especially for those who love to text message and write email, built-in keyboard is a must have. Bonnie Cha, a senior associate editor at Cnet has compiled 6 sleek smartphones with QWERTY keyboards which she reviewed before, love her opening and thorough reviews:

”Just like fashion, the world of cell phones and smartphones is a very design-driven industry. You've got the superstylish for fashionistas, and the colorful and the unusual for those who dare to be different.”

Among the 6 smartphones mentioned, there’s Palm Treo Pro rated with 3.5 star. And if I may add my own choice of smartphone besides the Treo Pro, then you should consider the RIM BlackBerry Bold & Nokia E71.

Sure price also plays a major role for you with limited budget, that’s why you must look deeper inside the smartphone of your choice before you jump in & make the purchase. The more features a smartphone has, means the pricier it will be. And don’t forget, with a more popular branded device comes along reassurance of the smartphone life cycle. ;-)

Head on to Cnet page to see the comparison chart for easier viewing, picture above is courtesy of rainflies (Flickr).

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