Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Correction: Palm Software Store, not App Store

First of all, let's not confuse ourselves by calling Palm latest offering to sell apps via on-line store with the same name of Apple's App Store. We know Palm is in desperate need to revive its name in the mobile world, but I don't think they're that hopeless to just copy-cat the name from Apple.

Although it got me to scratch my head for awhile, Palm does named the URL as So the first confusion to call it as Palm App Store is understanable, but we got to go with Palm who calls it as: Software Store.

Are you excited? Sure, but don't get carried away too far. Because according to Matthew Miller from ZDNet; it is a simply 28KB file that just adds an icon that serves as a hyperlink to the online Palm Software Store powered by PocketGear.

Further more, Jennifer Chappell from TreoCentral spoke with a Palm representative today, and told her that the Palm Software Store isn't exactly a "new" store. The store is a refresh of their existing store. They have a new user interface and a new landing page and have added some new applications.

Either way, this Palm Software Store is a good sign that Palm still take a good care for its old OS and still support the Windows Mobile platform. Since in just a few more weeks, Palm will be launching a brand new OS, and that's where things will get exciting.

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