Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Find a job with JobCompass in your iPhone

The idea may sound a bit cheesy at the beginning; searching a job with my mobile phone? To leave the traditional job seeking ritual by searching the local newspaper until your fingers turn to black, will no longer necessary in today's digital modernization.

In fact, previously I've wrote something similar about printed news being replaced by digital news. And this isn't much different, we're heading toward digital life whether you like it or not.

But actually, this new app for iPhone called JobCompass has come in just in the right time. When economic recession has taken its toll on increasing numbers of unemployement, jobless people have begun searching for new openings, and finding a suitable one can really drain your time and energy as time flies by. This is where JobCompass comes in handy.

Lonnie Lazar from Cult of Mac has tried the app and here's a snipped of his review: On launch the program asks permission to use your location as a base from which to perform a job search. After a few moments, a Google map pinned to your location appears and you’re invited to search for a job. Users can put in anything they want (now’s the time to think - what’s your dream job?) and choose to search for listings within a 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 mile radius of their current location.

Indeed, JobCompass is working together with Google Maps to get you the closest job you needed. Titus Blair, spokesman for Securicy Ventures, the app’s developer, told Cult of Mac, “we have partnered with most of the large jobs boards with the goal of being the #1 source for location based jobs searches,” and noted that JobsCompass’s patent pending search protocol currently scans a database of over 2+ million listings, with more added daily.

JobCompass was originally offered at $3.99, but they're offering special holidays price at $0.99 until December 24th. So why are you still reading my post here, go get yourself a job already! ;-p

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