Sunday, December 7, 2008

Funny story: Baby Jesus kidnapers will be stroke down by Lightning GPS

Kidnapers, thieves and sinners beware! This Christmas is not the same as any other before, because Lightning GPS is lending its GPS units to churches who have became victim of stolen baby Jesus in the past years.

Some are taken as "trophies" most are lost forever. This year, Lightning GPS is offering this service publicly to schools and churches across the country. They will be lending out GPS Tracking devices to select institutions for free as a way of thwarting the evil-doers.

Found this news via Switched, where the company's site is cheekily stating that "Lightning GPS Strikes Down Sinners." ~LOL~

Together with BrickHouse Security, a distributor of Lightning GPS products, is offering custom hidden cameras in an effort to catch thieves this holiday season. "We have partnered with Lightning GPS to donate hidden cameras that will catch people in the act for video proof. Along with GPS Tracking, the vandals can be prosecuted and the statues returned swiftly, in one piece," stated by Mr. Morris.

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