Sunday, December 7, 2008

An iPod Touch for an iPhone

Are you willing to give up your iPod Touch to get an iPhone?

That's kinda dumb question to be asked, cuz we know an iPod Touch is cheaper than an iPhone so yeah anyone would've bartered it if they got a chance. But you know what? You can actually get an iPhone for the price of an iPod Touch.

John E. Dunn from TechWorld has reported that British Voice over IP (VoIP) vendor Truphone has come up with a clever way to get hold of an iPhone on the cheap: Buy an iPod touch MP3 player and add software to turn it into a phone.

By installing Truphone app into an iPhone Touch, the company's free VoIP software then use iPod's WiFi to route calls via that interface to its internet traffic centre, and then on to recipients. Once the app is loaded, a virtual keypad is used to dial the desired number; the only other addition needed is a microphone.

The best part is that not only is the software free, so are the calls in these scenarios. Truphone looks to make its money back by persuading touch users to call conventional phones or mobiles, for which the company charges.

It's surprising to know that Apple is not ban this particular Truphone app like it usually did when feels threatened by 3rd party apps, or maybe Apple just hasn't found out about this yet...

To know more about Truphone app, you can read John's full review. And you can see screenshots of the app at this Flickr page.

So, anyone feeling to give up an iPod Touch for me? I've been dying to have an iPhone for my own. ;-p

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