Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Evernote's feature allows sync across platforms: Mac, Windows & iPhone

Evernote has updated its premium only service for Windows and for Mac with new feature: file and document synchronization.

Evernote Premium users can now add any type of file to a note. Once a file is added to Evernote, it’s synchronized with the Evernote Service and made instantly available across all version of Evernote, even mobile

Evernote says in its company's blog that when using the desktop versions of Evernote, if users open a file contained in a note, make changes, then save the file, Evernote will automatically update the version in users' notes to the latest. This feature applies to files supported in Free accounts, as well.

The ability to add any type of file to a note is only available to Evernote Premium users. The Premium account offered at $5/month or $45/year, and for the free account there is a limitation to be aware of: the total size for a single note cannot exceed 25MB.

Watch the video demo below, sources are from Evernote blog, via Gizmodo.

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