Friday, December 12, 2008

OPhone: Lenovo's next Android phone

Who would have guesses it? Lenovo can actually make a nice looking handset, like you can see at the picture on the left there. That my friend, is rumored to be Lenovo next phone based on Android platform, called now as 'OPhone'.

After seeing the bleak design on its P80 line-up, Lenovo can really hit the right spot on every mobile users' heart with this OPhone.

The nickname OPhone itself is actually a codename for phones that will be based on China Mobile's OMS (Open Mobile System), and essentially the OPhone only run on TD SCDMA network; it's China's home-grown 3G standard. So OPhone will not be available for country outside China... has heard more about OPhone from what it calls as 'a well placed source':

"Given these(iPhone, Android, Symbian) developments, it is becoming very clear that developing a proprietary handset operating system is essential for dominance of the mobile Internet market in China. At the moment, China Mobile is in a comparatively weak position without its own operating system. With its own operating system, China Mobile will be able to commission customized phones from handset makers and keep its hand strong in negotiations over profit sharing. There is even the possibility that China Mobile may move into manufacturing handsets itself."

Seems like there's a good side after all when China Mobile can't get a deal with Apple for its iPhone to enter China market, so now we can hope to see OPhone as a good alternative to get an Android-based phone. Not only it'll be good looking, but also since China is making it then we'll probably can get it for a cheap. ;-p

Sources are from: modmyGphone, via Android Community.

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