Sunday, December 21, 2008

Simplify Media for iPhone/iPod Touch

You've got to admit it, Apple got its own way to make the devices you're using right now. Take the iPhone and iPod Touch for an example, yes it is sleek and slim, but for a mobile device especially meant to become as an entertainment device, sometimes the maximum 16GB built-in storage capacity isn't enough for your enormous music library.

So this is where Simplify Media for iPhone/iPod Touch (requires software v2.0 or above) will come in handy to instantly expand the limited storage, in fact consider this as a way to leverage your way to access your music library not only at home network, but instead at everywhere and also share it up to 30 friends.

You'll need to install the desktop version (for Mac, Windows & Linux) and then the app into your iPhone, you'll also required to create a free account at Simplify Media server.

The user interface is very similar to iPhone's own iPod application to play music, while at the right top of the main screen there are song, artist & lyric buttons. The “song” mode is the default playback screen; tapping “artist” will give you a bio of the artist, pulled from music service, and tapping “lyrics” will download and display the song lyrics from LyricWiki, if available.

Like many other apps for iPhone, Simplify Media app natively can't run on the background too. And the only drawback from sharing huge music library over the internet is it'll become slower, not to mention if the iPhone is running on EDGE network. The app needs to buffer the music first before it can play the songs for you.

Simplify Music is offered at $4 at App Store, and for more thorough review you can read Dan Moren's from Macworld, his verdict on the app: "The biggest advantage of Simplify Media is that it lives up to its name: the program is straight forward and easy, doing precisely what it sets out to do. The interface could use some tweaking, but overall it delivers on the promise that it makes: that no matter where you go, there your music library is."

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