Thursday, December 11, 2008

Skyfire goes to U.K. and VGA

Just on December 9th yesterday, Skyfire has officially announced Skyfire 0.8.5 Beta for Windows Mobile and Symbian users in U.K.

The one of the best mobile web browsers in the market today, by the way Skyfire is free just in case you haven't ever heard about it till now, and specially for U.K. users can see the customized the Skyfire start pages which includes U.K. most popular websites like the BBC, Bebo,, and

The newest version of Skyfire Beta 0.8.5 supports VGA and WM 6.1 for Windows Mobile. Skyfire runs on more phones, including VGA. This means that Skyfire now runs on popular new Windows Mobile phones such as the Palm Treo Pro, Palm 800W, HTC Touch Pro, HTC Touch Diamond, HTC/AT&T Fuze.

Not to be forgotten, Skyfire also supports Nokia N and E series handsets. Now Nokia Symbian S60 (3rd edition) users have the new Skyfire features and improvements such as the SuperBar, video sharing, faster connectivity and more, all which were previously available for Windows Mobile users in the Skyfire Beta 0.8 version.

Back in September, Skyifre has opened up its beta version. Consumers in the U.S., Canada and U.K. can just point their existing mobile browsers to "", and Skyfire detects the device and provides the installer automatically on their phone. From a PC browser, you go to "" to send the download to your phone or sideload via your PC. Once installed, you can create an optional Skyfire account to keep your bookmarks and history when you change phones.


irish andrew said...

Just to let you know - Skyfire .8.5 has been officially available in the UK and on VGA screens for a few weeks now, since the end of November direct from their website - perhaps the official press release was the 9th?

Either way it's a nice browser, perhaps not as revolutionary as the hype would have suggested...

A few sites were watching this, but particularly:


Andy J. S. said...

Yes Andrew, that's right.
I just re-posted the official announcement from Skyfire, although the v0.8.5 Beta already has been out there for weeks.

Thanks anyway for the heads-up, appreciate your comment.

irish andrew said...

tis ok, i like the blog - been following your feed for a while, keep up the nice work!

Andy J. S. said...

Thank you for your encouragement,

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