Thursday, December 18, 2008

Study believes we'll be digitally naked in 2020

Thanks to the studies conducted by analysts, panel of experts, poll results, researchers, in general smart people who got the time to project what the world will become in the future; they say in 2020 mobile phones will be the primary Internet devices for most people in the world.

"The mobile phone -- now with significant computing power -- [will be] the primary Internet connection and the only one for a majority of the people across the world," the Pew Internet & American Life Project writes in a new "Future of the Internet" report (via PC World).

Here are some results from the Pew report:

  • 55% of experts say people will routinely interact in artificial spaces through virtual worlds and other types of "augmented reality." "Most well-equipped Internet users will spend some part of their waking hours -- at work and at play -- at least partially linked to augmentations of the real world or alternate worlds," Pew states. "This lifestyle involves seamless transitions between artificial reality, virtual reality, and the status formerly known as 'real life."
  • Voice-activation and touch will be common technology interfaces by 2020, according to nearly two-thirds of experts. "Air-typing" will become common because of "a small handheld Internet appliance [that] allows you to display and use a full-size virtual keyboard on any flat surface for those moments when you would prefer not to talk aloud to your networked computer."
  • By 2020, people will be more open to sharing personal information, opinions and emotions because of Internet technology, but experts are split down the middle on whether this new transparency will heighten individual integrity and forgiveness.

Yes sir, you hear/read that right. We'll not be able to tell the difference between virtual and real life in 2020, and by that time our personal life is being shared and known by millions of people thanks to the internet and mobile technology. Scared? Naw, don't be. You should be excited instead. ~LOL~

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