Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Unlocked iPhone 3G in Taiwan still expensive

Steve Jobs' mind is one of the greatest mysteries in the world of technology, no one has ever able to truly fathom the complexity of his decisions.

While Apple is against any attempts to jailbreak its proud brainchild: iPhone 3G, including the just released Leopard OS v10.5.6 update which disables Pwnage tools, the Cupertinco based company has send it in unlocked condition to Taiwan. Where in Asia, unlocking mobile phones is a common practice in almost every phone stores.

According to a report by DigiTimes, the phone's official carrier in the country -- Chunghwa Telecom -- has in the past insisted that the phone would only work on its network, in practice, the new iPhone will accept SIM cards from other carriers' networks without any hardware or software hacks. The only tradeoff, users say, is that Chunghwa's Hami services become inaccessible.

It's a joyful news for Taiwanese, who's been longing to own an official iPhone 3G in their hands. But they must pay a hefty price to bring one home, the contract-free versions cost US$800 for 8GB while US$900 for 16GB.

Sources are from iPodNN (via Ubergizmo) & Macworld. Photo above is showing the first Taiwanese man, who was first in line and got out first with an iPhone 3G, along with a shirt he wears saying that. The photo is courtesy of yusheng (Flickr).

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