Monday, December 15, 2008

Visa Mobile Application for Android is not 100% secure

As the world's biggest credit card company in the world, Visa doesn't want to be left behind in gaining new market even in the growing electronic mobile transaction technology. So when Android Market has just recently opened up, Visa has quickly implanted its Mobile Application in there. Especially since we're getting near to the end of holidays season in just few more weeks, Visa must be hoping to get a huge boosted usage of its app during the holidays.

Visa Mobile Application can track your card transactions as they happen, it's said to better keep track of your own expenses. The app has alert system to let you know instantly when someone else is using your credit card. And to stop receiving text message notifications after you delete this Visa's app, you must send "STOP" in text message (SMS) to MVISA.

The app also gives you many special coupon offers both online and on your handset, Visa Mobile Application even gives you location information where you can redeem offers. It all sounds so good to have the app installed in your Android phone, isn't it?

But Shawn Brown from Android Community has found an intriguing small line of print if you tear through the Terms of Service, the line reads, “unfortunately, no data transmission via a mobile handset can be guaranteed to be 100% secure.”

Ouch, so much for the reliability from the largest electronic payment network company there...

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