Sunday, January 4, 2009

Can I haz (jailbroken) iPhone too?

Like a little kid so eagerly want to open up his/her new shiny Christmas toy, so are we over jailbreaking our iPhone to work on wireless network of our choices.

Those bright guys at The Dev Team has released an beta unlock tool for iPhone 3G devices at the beginning of year 2009 yesterday, called Yellowsn0w, but unfortunately the jailbreaking tool doesn't work 100% like all of us expected to be.

On-line forums are filled with cries, pleas, and angry posts from users who failed to jailbreak their iPhone using the newest tool. Lucky enough for you, PC World has come up with two best methods for getting that unlock to stick: "We've counted two iterations of the Dev Team's unlocking tool thus far, each promising to fix issues, errors, and does-not-work problems that have been plaguing would-be unlockers over the past 48 hours."

Method #1 (from Youtube's reda92):
1. Install Yellowsn0w thru Cydia, keep your Third-Party Sim in the iPhone
2. Reset Network Settings. 99% of your success rate will depend on this. (LF: you can find this in settings - general and to the bottom you'll see a "reset" menu in which you can find this)
3. Reboot your iPhone
4. Wait a little over a min.
5. Remove your SIM card and re-insert it back in
6. Wait 30 sec.
7. Turn on Airplane mode and wait 10 sec. (This is important as well)
8. Turn of Airplane mode, you should see "searching." Start smiling, as the T-Mobile carrier will start appearing.
9. Make a call!

Method #2 (from to Deli_gt at hackint0sh):
1. Recover your iPhone to the 2.2 firmware.
2. Quickpwn it with Installer and Cydia installed
3. When phone is ready, connect to your Wifi. Got to Cydia. When it opens, ignore the update for Cydia and install Mobileterminal and, after that, Sbsettings.
4. Turn off data roaming and 3G in Sbsettings!
5. Install Yellowsn0w from Installer.
6. Slide your finger from the top-left to right on the screen to get Sbsettings open
7. Press the power button in Sbsettings and from the popup restart button.
8. When the iPhone resets, wait for 20-30 seconds and open up Mobileterminal
9. Go to terminal and type:
yellowsn0w -c
yellowsn0w -q
airplane mode on
airplane mode off
If you get "open: Resource busy" just repeat the command where you got it from.
If the command "yellowsn0w -q" keeps loading for more than 20sec and your terminal looks similar to pics from Flickr: deli_gt's Photostream then move to next step.
10. Go to Settings. Turn Airplane Mode on. Wait 10 secs and it should start searching for the network. It should find the network and everything should be ok.

Good luck, and if you're still unsucessfully jailbreak your iPhone then you should definetely look up the Yellowsn0w Report to see the general status of the iPhone 3G unlocks and your carrier of choice.

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