Wednesday, January 14, 2009

HTC's 2009 leaked roadmap shows a Centro-like phone

It's hard to acknowledge that the Taiwan-based mobile manufacturer can have its product roadmap leaked outside, even spread across the net. If it's a U.S.-based company, or any other countries beside China and Taiwan, who usually sub-contract the handset outside its own home country then it's more understanable if the information got leak out while on the way.

Nevertheless, the HTC's 2009 products roadmap gives us a clue on what to expect from HTC camp this year. There's no specs detail, only blurry images along with code name for each handsets. The blogosphere has been playing a pick and guess game on each of the leaked images, the most famous one is of course the Sapphire series (left image) which somewhat reminds of the Android powered G1 because of its specific shape.

But what caught my eyes is the HTC Cedar W (right image), which instantly made me think it was Palm's Centro because of the ribbon stripe for navigation buttons (menu, end/make/receive calls, D-pad, etc.). In fact, upon second look it bears more resemblance to Treo 500v. What do you think?

See the whole HTC 2009 products roadmap images at GSMArena, and prepare to dream on for your choice of HTC phones. ;-p

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