Friday, January 9, 2009

Roteo like device appears in CES 2009

Now I'm really being a mean-meany teaser. ;-p

But hey, we're all are waiting restlessly for the live coverage of Palm event at CES 2009, so why don't we find something to get excited for awhile since we're at the game of waiting.

The image on the left you see there is taken by Engadget Mobile from a giant banner attached to PCD booth at CES 2009, the devices shown on the banner are TXT8020 and TXT8021. No detailed information about the devices yet, but it looks like those devices will be the successor of TXT8010 a.k.a. the Verizon's Blitz.

What strikes me when I first saw the image is how it reminded me of the rumored Palm Roteo device back then on December 2008, although it's been confirmed that it is not Palm's. So much for the rumors...

Ohkay, Kris and Ryan from PalmInfoCenter have just gotten inside the Palm event press room and the show is about to start, I'm going off to see the live coverage now and I'm pretty sure so do you. ;-) Let's cross our fingers altogether, and pray Palm will deliver great new OS, and hopefully new smartphone as well.

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