Tuesday, January 27, 2009

RSSPlayer is Podcaster resurrected from the land of banned apps

This is a classic example on how to use the saying: "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em," or is it this one: "a wolf diguised in sheep skin"?

Anyway, Alex was definetely not giving up when Apple banned his ingenious app creation Podcaster from App Store. Just to refreshen your memory, Alex has already tried to sell Podcaster through Cydia with ad hoc license fee.

But now he renamed the app as RSSPlayer and removed the feature that has been the reason why Apple banned Podcaster in the first place: the built-in directory of podcasts.

And what do you know, it works like magic; Apple approved the new $1.99 worth app and even give it two-thumbs up at App Store. Here's Alex's own description of the RSSPlayer app taken from UneasySilence (via Engadget):

"Specifically designed to play audio files attached to rss feeds.

Start by entering an rss feed url or opml url into the import screen, then the program crawls the feed and displays the items it finds in an easy to read table. If the program finds an audio file attached to the feed, it will automatically download the most current one. This makes it easy for iPod Touch owners to listen when they are offline.

This is a really great app with high standard. We will keep improving it and adding features in future releases. If you purchase this app, we are sure you will love it."

Another great thing about RSSPlayer is it doesn't restrict users to download certain size of the podcast like the 10MB limitation in Mobile iTunes.

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