Thursday, February 5, 2009

PearC; another Mac clone arise to challenge Apple

Apple really is receiving a lot of beating this year, the company with the logo of an eaten fruit has long known for holding close & tight the exclusive right to its products.

First, it was Psystar who's been selling "hackint0sh" computers; PC computers installed with Mac OS X. Then comes out OpeniMac from Argentina, who also challenges the idea of Mac OS must run on Mac machines. Of course Apple furious, and as we know Apple very well, they sue Psystar but even until today Apple still hasn't managed to take out Psystar legally.

And now, there's another company from German who called themselves PearC, sells PC computers with Mac OS X inside. PearC offers begin at €500, and their most cutting edge desktop offering starts at €1499 and even has the option for Intel Core i7 965 Extreme Edition for an extra €719.99 (as reported by ModMyi).

But the main question for everyone who wish to buy PearC's computers: is this legal? Here's PearC direct answer to that question, posted at the company's FAQ page:

7. Is it legal that to install Mac OS X on a PC?
We would not offer our PearCs, if we the opinion were not that it is legal.
One of the ModMyi forum members named Chandler86, who said he's from Germany tells us something about this legal thing:

"It is indeed legal, cause the thing Apple does, saying that it's not allowed to install OS on a PC which does not come from Apple is against EU and also German's laws. That's why it's legal here. This is also the reason why this company will not sell the PCs in the US, only in EU Countries like Belgium, France, etc. because they have also the same laws -> Apple rules are illegal here. :-)"

This is a sad situation for Apple, but a boon for those who live in the countries mentioned above. So how about it Apple? Shouldn't you worry more about this kinda "legal" infringement, rather than trouble yourselves fighting over the iPhone multi-touch patent infringement. ;-p

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