Tuesday, February 3, 2009

PINoptic secures your phones with pictures

"Scientifically Proven Password Security," says PINoptic on its website. Now, I'll rest down my sarcastic jokes when it has been "scientifically proven," or otherwise the jokes are on me. ;-p

But to be frank with you, the more I read about what PINoptic has to offer, the more I think its technology may come useful especially for those who's having a hard time to remember long password security numbers.

Take my parents for an instance; no matter how many times they've memorized the PIN numbers to unlock their mobile phones, after a long time not turning off the phones, they often forgotten the PIN numbers when it's time to turn them on again. It's only natural for us, human to forget numbers. But it's also natural for us to easily remember objects, or the shape of the objects (remember, it's scientifically proven! ~LOL~).

Let me cut to the chase by telling you how PINoptic works:

Instead of having a PIN or password, you have a series of pictures or icons that make up your 'picture story password'. When you come to enter your picture story password, multiple pictures or icons are displayed beside discrete symbols (alphanumeric characters for instance). You enter the symbols that are related to your picture story password to gain access. Each time you are asked for your picture story password the pictures, icons or symbols will be in a different place meaning that you will be entering a one-time-password each time.

So basically, the more icons/symbols you entered, the more secured you are. You can let's say compose the password based on your favorite story, or the story of your life; from your childhood until you're grown into a mean-meany mobile addict. ~LOL~ And according to Maggie Reardon from Wireless blog; PINoptic claims that a hacker would have to watch someone enter their login at least 10 times before being able to crack the code.

Imagine telling someone who robs you the story of your life 10 times, that would be a thrill...

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