Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SMS Popup brings out eye-catching message notification for Android

No matter how good Google has made Android into perfection in its first release, not everyone is satisfied with the built-in features, and in this case is about the text message (SMS) notification.

Adam K., the man behind SMS Popup app for Android is one of many software developers out there who think of the unthinkable and figure it out with a simple yet very useful app. Instead of turning on your G1 phone whenever the tiny green light flashes to notify there's a new message (SMS, MMS & email) comes in, SMS Popup can eliminate the little hassles by simply shows a popup dialog of the incoming message.

Is it a trivial app? Not according to the users, Adam received over 300 emails with comments, bugs and feature requests within the first week of the SMS Popup launch. Since then Adam has keep on upgrading the app until v0.9.5, which was just released on the end of last month.

Okay then, if you're interested more about SMS Popup app for your G1 phone; then you can stop staring at Olivia picture on the left there and start heading to AndroidGuys' review of the app. ~LOL~

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