Friday, March 27, 2009

Trēo 700p still used in one of CSI: Las Vegas latest episodes

I was just catching up on the CSI (Crime Scene Investigation): Las Vegas tv series this afternoon, and as I was sitting comfortly on the couch, I almost missed the appearance of Palm Trēo 700p during the show.

Lucky enough, the Trēo 700p was shot close up and personal so it's pretty obvious to see. It was belong to the victim, which was used to write down expenses such as telephone and car bills. And how do I know it is the 700p instead of the 680? The big ol' antenna is the one which gives away the clue that it is the 700p model (left image).

It's quite amazing, really. With all those new smartphones in the market nowadays, the Palm Trēo 700p is still used in one of the CSI latest episodes (season 9, episodes 15: Kill Me If You Can). And what's more amazing is, that it's not the newer model (680) which is used. This shows how attached common people (in the U.S.) to Palm's smartphones, especially the early models.

Perhaps the Prē will be able to repeat this much of success for Palm? Do you see this Palm? You better be... ;-p

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