Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Android "Cupcake" new killer-features: wobbles & emoticons

The CTIA 2009 has just started running on its first day, and yet MobileCrunch already got their grubby mits on Android's latest beta firmware the "Cupcake" version 1.5 Build number CRA79. The hardware used to show the new firmware is the HTC Magic, and according to them there aren't much of major changes found on the new build.

It seems not only Apple who is working on to make iPhone more perfect by adding in new features with OS 3.0, the Android team is also adding neat new little features in "Cupcake" latest build. As a matter of fact, one of the new features is native text emoticons which is only available in iPhone through third party apps (FrostyPlace & Big Keyboard Email). ;-p

The other notable new feature is the orientation switching animation whenever users change to/from landscape view, the new firmware is now more optimized with visibly "wobbles" zoom in-out. See it yourself in the embedded video below, and head on to MobileCrunch page to know the other little features.

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