Monday, April 6, 2009

An iPhone Prē-wannabe

Palm Prē™ is the most talked about smartphone nowadays, despite late to launch, the upcoming smartphone from Palm is still on the spotlight and awaited by many mobile users. And if you're an iPhone owner, then you're in luck.

Let's just say you're a Palm fans who can't wait that long to taste the Prē™ UI (user interface), or you're late to grab that last oportunity to download TealOS which is now dropped, you can actually have an early bit taste of Palm Prē on your iPhone with this Prē™ theme.

Contributed by a ModMyiPhone member named 'balderson', the first Prē™ theme for iPhone consists of only 29 icons, but 'balderson' plans to add more some time in the future. The icons are said to be in PNG format, so you can modify them however you want. Here's a quick tip from 'balderson' on how to install the Prē™ theme to your iPhone:
  • First off, download the Prē™ theme and the Live Weather icon to your computer.
  • You're gonna either need to SSH into your phone or use DiskAid (this is easier)
  • Open DiskAid and navigate to Root Folder > Library > Themes and copy the Palm Prē™ folder there.
  • Go into your phone and open up Winterboard, select Prē™.
  • Press the home button.
Well, you know what they say: "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery..." What are you waiting for? Go knock yourself out with Prē™-crazeness on your iPhone. ~LOL~

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