Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sexy MID concept

Intel should start looking at the concepts for its Mobile Internet Device (MID) made by 3D artists, because honestly those artists have done better job in designing drool worthy device than the boring devices we encountered so far in real life.

Back in 2006, Microsoft and Intel join forces to make a concept for a keyboard-less mobile device with large screen, known as Project Origami inside Microsoft. Where Microsoft provides the software, while Intel supports the hardware. The interest and market respond quickly fade away, mainly caused by the arrival of iPhone and iPod Touch.

But Jan Rytir, a Yanko Design artist has created a very appealing MID concept. And personally, for me the most eye-catchy of the device itself is the ultra wide LCD touchscreen. IMHO this is where every mobile manufacturers should be doing in order to beat Apple’s iPhone: bigger and wider screen. That simple ,really. ;-D

Head on to Yanko Design page to see more pictures of this sexy MID concept.

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