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Don't be fooled by iPhone OS 3.0 software update

For the last couple of days, there were plenty of people who bought a new mouse to replace the broken one because it had been clicked so many times on the "Check for Updates" button in iTunes, the result of impatience waiting for the new iPhone OS 3.0 software update. And after it's actually launched, Apple had to re-connect the download connection to new servers since the old ones were caught on fire because had too many hit they could possibly handle. Figuratively speaking...

On the day that many of you happy iPhone owners called it as "Happy iPhone 3.0 day," there were some who would disagree with the word "happy" to describe that particular day. First of course were the iPhone users who couldn't get through the heavy traffic into Apple's download server, although they finally made it. Secondly are the ones like me, who don't own an iPhone and had to envy those who were on a rampage for iPhone craziness even for one day. ;-p

All in all, I just wanted to say how crazy it was. It was just a software update, yet has generated such a huge glut for iPhone users.

Perhaps it had to do with the way Apple made us wait for it, or maybe we're simply just suckers for anything related to the iPhone. One way or another, there are too many iPhone users who are willing to jump without thinking to hit the update button. Here's a quick reminder on why second thought really worth a second chance.

Like a virgin once more...

Don't start singin' that Madonna's song, I know because whenever I heard that first line: "Like a virgin, touched for the very first time...," I can't stop but to have strange naughty imagination. ~LOL~

But that is what will happen if you upgrade to iPhone OS 3.0, your jailbroken iPhone will become like a 'virgin' once more. You'll loose those favorite themes of yours, no more access to those forbidden apps, and many-many other possibilities you had with your jailbroken iPhone. Do you honestly really-really want to let all of them go, just to be with your 're-virginized' iPhone?

You must be thinking; there's got to be a new iPhone OS 3.0 jailbreaking tools out there somewhere, right? Unfortunately, it hasn't arrive yet.

No 'official' jailbreaking tools yet as of today...

What I meant by 'official' jailbreaking tools is the ones released by iPhoneDevTeam, the upcoming tool is called as the 'ultrasn0w'. The iPhoneDevTeam is currently working hard to make the final release of jailbreaking tools for iPhone OS 3.0, they're in the middle of testing new PwnageTool and QuickPwn tools which will work with iTunes 8.2 (latest version).

According to iPhoneDevTeam's new update of the progress on Thursday morning, there are two issues that they’ve been trying to resolve: complications with and a bug in Apple's new version of asr (nerdy stuff that you wouldn't care enough to know ;-p).

So if you update now, you'll have to wait for indefinite time to jailbreak the new iPhone OS 3.0 software update. Usually iPhoneDevTeam will wait until it looks like Apple has released the final version of the software, they don't want to play the cat-and-mouse game with the iPhone maker.

12 bugs already found in iPhone OS 3.0 software...

The guys at Woot! (via JAiPB) have found early 12 bugs in the new software update:

  1. Multimedia messaging does not support sculpture, macrame, or interpretive dance.
  2. Voice memo recordings totally don't sound like me. I don't sound like that, do I? Seriously?
  3. Turned on adult content filter but everybody in my videos still has their clothes on.
  4. Adding a task to calendar did not result in task getting done.
  5. Clicked this blue "compass" icon but kept getting some stupid web browser.
  6. Still no apps to cure the nagging feeling that I should've bought a Palm Pre.
  7. The touchscreen is now on the back of the phone instead of the front.
  8. Gone to the bathroom four times already today, and Remote Wipe hasn't worked once.
  9. Spotlight search crashed with memory overload error trying to index my Harry Potter cosplay photo collection.
  10. Tried out tethering, but I think I broke my finger smacking that phone around the pole.
  11. Apple still hasn't fixed the no-hardware-keyboard bug.
  12. "Cut" function does not apply to monthly AT&T bill.

Now, those 12 small-tiny-little bugs don't scare you, don't they? ;-p

I noticed a very interesting solution to avoid the bugs at no. 6 above, somebody at Elevation Partner is going to feel proud. ~LOL~

It feels like I was talking about bad things about iPhone OS 3.0, that is not true. Aside from the obvious facts you've already knew about the abundant new features that come with the new software update, don't be fooled thinking that was it. Apparently, there are more reports coming in about the newly found new nifty little features in iPhone OS 3.0, the reports are pouring in almost every hour.

PC World: 10 Hidden Features in iPhone 3.0 Update

  1. Adjustable Song Scrolling Speed, ... you can scroll through songs at various speeds. Put your finger on the scrolling point and it will start glowing.
  2. Special Characters In Messaging, the 3.0 keyboard has a few extra special characters when holding certain signs down.166903-iphone_gems_characters_original
  3. More Ways to Access Spotlight, you can also access Spotlight while pressing the home button when on the first Home Screen page. Alternatively, Mail and Contacts have now search bars at the top of the list.
  4. Quote Fragment Within Reply in Mail, ... you tap and hold in an e-mail (just as with copy/paste) and select the portion of text you want to quote.
  5. Remove Individual Texts from A Conversation, ... there is an Edit button (it's in the top-right corner when inside a conversation), which allows you to select and remove individual text messages from a certain thread, similar to the way it is done in the Mail app.
  6. Open Link In New Tab In Safari, if you tap and hold on a hyperlink (hyperlinked text) on a Web site within Safari, a dialog will prompt you to open this link, copy it (link locations) or open it in a new page (which opens a new tab in Safari).
  7. Force Quit Unresponsive Apps, to force quit an application in 3.0, you have to hold the sleep/wake button at the top until the red power off slider appears.
  8. Shake Phone to Undo Typing, ... just shake the phone and a pop-up will appear, asking you whether you want to undo what you have just entered.
  9. Change App Store Account On The Fly.
  10. Unlimited Number of Apps Installed.

ZDNet: 96+ new features in iPhone 3.0

MacRumors forum user bndoarn has a list of over 96 individual new features so far found in iPhone OS 3.0, the highlights include:

  • There is no limit to the number of apps that can be installed (beside storage space). Once you reach the home screen limit, Apps installed after that are installed without an icon but can be accessed in Spotlight. You can also use this to hide any apple application (i.e. weather and stocks)
  • In the Settings -> General -> Home Button you can now set the double click to the new search feature or the camera
  • Notes now has data detectors. Links are clickable, phone numbers are callable, email address are emailable, and address are locatable (using Maps)
  • When a phone call interrupts you, after the phone call you are taken back to the app you were in before you were interrupted
  • You can now have 11 home screen pages instead of nine
  • Now there is a different way to force quit apps. now you have to hold the sleep/wake button until the red slider appears, then you press and hold down the home button to quit the app

iPhone Atlas: Apple plugs 46 security bugs in iPhone OS 3.0

Security Apple has issued an advisory regarding security enhancements included in the iPhone OS 3.0 release, here are some of them:

  • CoreGraphics
  • Exchange
  • IPSec
  • Mail, changes were made to the Mail app to give users control over the loading of remote images in HTML messages (see image on the right).
  • MPEG-4 Video Codec
  • Profiles, changes to Profiles will prohibit the installation of a configuration profile that may weaken the passcode policy defined by Exchange ActiveSync.
  • Safari, ... now search history is actually removed.
  • Telephony
  • WebKit, they included many fixes to prevent arbitrary code or script execution, when visiting maliciously crafted Web sites.

And for you the owners of iPhone Classic, the first gen of iPhone, you might not get all of those exciting new features that will only available in iPhone 3G and upcoming iPhone 3G [S]. Some of them can't be used in iPhone Classic because of hardware limitation, and iPhone Atlas has also posted up the first impression of running iPhone OS 3.0 on the original iPhone:

"The other highly-touted features of iPhone 3.0 sadly will not be experienced by my original iPhone. Auto-focus camera lens, video recording and editing, and voice control are all hardware specific features available on the iPhone 3G S. And although I sorely covet those things to the point that I may actually throng about in the crowds at the local Apple Store on Friday simply to get a glimpse of the new features in action, the iPhone 3.0 update for my original iPhone is great."

So, what will you have? Update now to iPhone OS 3.0 and loose all of those jailbroken features goodness, or will you even wait in the line and get the new iPhone 3G [S] instead? Perhaps the best solution right now is to go with the new software update, why? Well, I can't put it better than what David Murphy from PC World has said it:

"... the expansive feature list of both the iPhone's 3.0 firmware and the new abilities brought on as part of the iPhone 3GS have made many of my Cydia customizations . . . irrelevant."

So true, it is so true.

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