Sunday, June 14, 2009

iPhone 3G [S] buying rage has started early

Don't you hate it when you have to wait in a long line just to get the new iPhone? Well, it looks like it can't be help...

Just less than a week since the introduction of iPhone 3G [S] at WWDC '09, and despite the high upgrade fees for those who have bought older models, AT&T has begun spreading words to customers that they've sold out the iPhone 3G [S] pre-order stocks at launch day.

BGR has received a tip showing an AT&T's internal sales system note which stated:

"Due to the extraordinary demand for iPhone 3G [S], all customers placing preorders on Saturday, June 13, 2009, and later, should be informed that their order will arrive at the store 7 to 14 days from the order date.

Only preorders placed Friday, Jun 12, 2009, or earlier, are expected to arrive in time for the 7:00 a.m. opening on Friday, June 19, 2009."

That means for you who are lucky enough to have placed pre-orders before June 13 yesterday, will have your iPhone 3G [S] delivered to your front doorstep. While for you who are lazy ...*cough*... I mean unlucky ones who placed your pre-orders on & after June 13, then you'll have to wait 7-14 days later. If you think you won't survive that long without holding the newest and the latest Apple smartphone right away at the launch day, then there's no other way than start camping in front of your nearest AT&T or Apple Store at your local area.

But so far, both Apple and AT&T have not make any statement of iPhone 3G [S] stocks at each stores. Although both companies are giving out signals that for those who are lining up will not be dissappointed of not owning an iPhone 3G [S] at launch day, but keep in mind that we've yet to see how long the lines of people who want to get the new iPhone on June 19.

Iphone 3g long line

If you're beginning to feel the cold sweat running down on your neck after knowing this news, then fret not because there's still one left hope of miracle for you. I said "miracle" because this following method might not working anymore... According to iTalkiPhone; you can hack into Apple Store on-line with simple steps to place an order for iPhone 3G [S] and deliver it to your address on June 19, the same day as the official launch day! Here's how:
  1. First install Firebug into your Firefox web browser.
  2. Go to any non-apple product in the (example:
  3. Click on the little FireBug icon on the bottom of the screen, now Firebug pops up and click "Inspect", and choose the "Add to cart Icon"
  4. In firebug, right above where it's highlighted, you should see "". Click on "TV943VC/A" and change it to the value of the iPhone you want. (see code below):
iPhone 3G 8GB ($499): MB046LL/A
iPhone 3GS 16GB Black ($599): MB715LL/A
iPhone 3GS 16GB White ($599): MB716LL/A
iPhone 3GS 32GB Black ($699): MB717LL/A
iPhone 3GS 32GB White ($699): MB718LL/A

Now click on the Add to Cart button, and the iPhone should be in your cart. Proceed to buy it if you want.

The 'admin' of iTalkiPhone even said have talked to an Apple representative about this method, and they confirmed that you can do this. But remember, this way you're buying an un-subsidized iPhone. For more thorough process, you can visit the link above and see pictures attached on how to do the steps.

Iphone 3gs unboxing Too much? Are you the kinda person who much prefer to wait till this iPhone 3G [S] buying rage cool down, and leisurely waltz into an Apple Store without lining up (and sweating, and elbowing, etc.) to get it? Then why don't you just enjoy the pictures of iPhone 3G [S] first unboxing, entice yourself with an early live shots of the new iPhone before you get it later. The unboxing pictures were posted by Engadget China, unfortunately the post has been pulled which most probably because Apple asked them to.

But thank goodness iTalkiPhone has downloaded all of the live shots, and posted them up at their own website. You'll have to register first in order to view them, but I doubt such trivial thing will stop you. Right? ;-p

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