Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Off topic: Shia LaBeouf calls Wii an "amateur console"

We've been having a marathon news coverage on Palm Prē™ and iPhone 3G [S] for the whole weekend, so let's have a little off topic post for today, shall we?

Who doesn't know Shia LaBeouf? I recognized his natural-born play when he landed a small role in 'Constantine', where he play with Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz. And Shia LaBeouf got bigger when he starred in Transformer first movie and the sequel, sharing the spotlight together with the sexy Megan Fox. His name also will always be mentioned by movie fans ever since he starred in 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull' with Harrison Ford, a role any young and rising Hollywood stars would give anything to have it.

Aside from being a famous movie star, Shia LaBeouf is a big fan of videogames and game consoles like Xbox 360 & Playstation 3, but apparently he dislikes the popular Wii. In an interview with Big Download (via GameSpy), LaBeouf referred Nintendo Wii as an "amateur console", here's the snipped interview:

Q: Have you checked out the Wii Transformers game?

A: I haven't been able to play the Wii game because my hand is broken. I've just been playing Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. I would imagine that the Wii experience will be like...I don't mess with the Wii, to be honest with you. It's kind of an amateur console. I'm not into the Wii thing.

Q: What's wrong with the Wii?

A: This is how in a simple way you can find out if it's a gamer you want to play with. Ask them if they have a Wii. If they say yes, get the f*** out of there.

Despite dishing out the Nintendo Wii gamers, LaBeouf did praised some of the games like: Mortal Kombat, Doom, Donkey Kong, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario Kart. "Buddy, I'm a gamer. Not just the fake ones you read about," said LaBeouf in the interview.

But that's not the real pincher for me, what is that LaBeouf said he rather "eat glass" than spending some quality time with Megan Fox! What!? Here's what he really said:

Q: Is that why you wouldn't play LEGO Star Wars with Megan Fox on the set of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen?

A: Correct. Who wants to play the Wii version of LEGO Star Wars. I'd rather eat glass.

Oh my, LaBeouf buddy, you don't know what other guys are willing to give just to spend time and play a game with Megan Fox no matter how lame the game is... That's Megan Fox you're talking about for heaven's sake! ;-p

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