Sunday, August 30, 2009

Are Android users more cheapskates compared to iPhone users?

According to a recent AdMob's survey; 81% of Android users asked are more unlikely to buy apps, while half of the iPhone users are regular App Store buyer.

Is this got something to do with the open spirit of like what the Linux users are having toward the open source platform: why pay for a dime if you can have it for free? Someone will finally made it and then release the app for no charge in the spirit of openness. After all the best things in life come for free. ;-p

But other than that, the survey indicates that Android and iPhone users are not that different and much alike. More than 1,000 Android, iPhone, and iPod Touch users were asked about their habits for downloading apps; the overall of participants said they spent roughly $9 a month for around five apps.

On average, Android users downloaded 8.1 apps per month, and iPhone users downloaded 7.6. Both users spend about the same amount of time: 80-90 minutes for browsing new apps.

Sources are from AdMob survey via PC World.

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