Monday, August 17, 2009

PA's 1st edition of "There's an app for that!": RunPee, Haircaster & Drinkspiration

With more and more apps are flooding into the App Store every day, it's imposible to keep track each and every one of them. Especially since there are more crap apps in there, rather than the one that's really useful for your need. Apple is proud with the abundant of apps inside its App Store, and even came up with a slogan for it: "There's an app for that!"

So with those facts in mind, I'm gathering around three of those funny yet quite useful apps, because who knows perhaps they'll come in handy for you someday, and I'll periodically release another edition when I found some interesting apps. Have a great start of the weekend y'all, and hopefully these apps can cheer you guys up.


Runpeeiphone1 Imagine this; you're in the middle of the movie you've been dying to see since last week, and all of a sudden you can't hold on much longer to go to the bathroom for a small leak, blaming it on that huge glass of diet cola you bought won't help. Unfortunately the story of the movie is just beginning to get more interesting as your bladder feels like to explode any moment, and you definetely don't want to miss those exciting scenes of the movie.

RunPee is a $0.99 worth of app for giving out information about the movie you watch, not the summary of the movie, but the timing in the movie that safe enough for you to run to the restroom and release that annoying bladder of your of its pain without missing too many significant parts/scenes of the movie.

Don't laugh, although this app is kinda funny the first time you heard it, you'll be grateful for its service to help you lessen the frequency of getting scolded by the people in the same row you sat because you stepped too many times on their feet when you're trying to take leaks.

RunPee claims it is already very popular in China, where it gets more visits than the next 10 countries combined. And the RunPee creator Dan Florio describes his app perfectly:

"Our iPhone app gives movie goers “immunity” from the effects of mega-sized sodas and flushes away those grueling post-movie restroom lines where you have to wait your turn in pain and avoid awkward eye contact with the 30 other people in the restroom with you….a bladder is a terrible thing to hold."

But you must be warned though, that how important scenes in a movie are different from one individual to others.


Haircaster Everybody must had one or two bad hair day once in awhile, either it's because of the way you sleep last night or the way you abuse the use of hairspray in that particular morning, or maybe the most common excuse for everyone is to blame it on the fine weather. The sun is shining bright, the air is just about right, but for no apparent reason your hair just won't cooperate with you today to make you fabolous like usual.

Well, what do you know? There's an app for that; Haircaster is another $0.99 worth of app to help you deal with one of those fundamental things in our life, the hair style for today. The app description says that it uses a "proprietary formula developed in consultation with hair care professionals" to analyzes the actual weather conditions including: humidity, wind, rain and temperature – anywhere in the US to tell you what kind of hair day you can expect outside.

And one of its ultimate advice for you, God forbid if your hair ever falls into the wrong direction because how the wind blows, is to "STAY HOME!" Meaning you'll have to cancel those important meetings, the multi-billion dollar contract ready to be signed today, the hip parties you need to attend, etc.


Absolut-drinkspiration Drinking has always become a sensitive topic to discuss, whether it's because of the effect or worst is what it can cause to others too, but even as in present day it is still a lifestyle. The most important thing is to be responsible, and not to drink before or when you're driving.

Absolut has launched Drinkspiration, an app that works as an interactive encyclopedia of recipes that helps you find and share personalized drink recommendations based on spirit, taste, weather, time of day, bar vibe, sound volume, real-time drink trends, etc using help of GPS, Twitter and even Facebook.

"Have you ever found yourself in a bar without really knowing what to order? With Drinkspiration you'll never have this problem again. Drinkspiration is your best friend in the bar, giving you guidance, personalized recommendations and an all-encompassing gateway to the drink universe, right in the palm of your hand," said Fredrick Tallroth, senior manager, Interactive Marketing at the Absolut Company.

Users can also sign up for an account at and the drinks ordered in your mobile app automatically create top lists in your profile. The company says the app has been downloaded 43,000 times in its first 13 days on the iTunes App Store.

Just remember, alcohol drinks are for adults and not good for those who're pregnant.
Don't drink because you've just watched Madmen, and think that drinking made them successful. ;-p

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