Sunday, September 6, 2009

PA's 4th edition of "There's an app for that!": Alien attack survival kit

Another week went by since the third edition of "There's an app for that!", and now we've arrived at the fourth edition. Enough of all the serious tools and apps, it's time for something more serious than that. A couple weeks ago I've just watched District 9 movie, great movie by the way, bottom line the moral story that can be drawn from the movie is that everyone can be turned into an alien. You'll never know...

So with that serious thought in mind, I'm gathering around three apps to help you survive or thwart aliens attack, because who knows perhaps they'll come in handy for you someday.

I'll periodically release another edition when I found some interesting apps. Have a great start of the weekend y'all, and hopefully these apps can cheer you guys up.

Alien Detector

Got the feeling you're being followed by an alien that look like a human? Feeling like your best friend act strange lately? Or do you ever wonder if you were once abducted by aliens and they put bad things in your brain?

Then don't wonder around clueless any more, there's an app for that: Alien Detector. The 0.99 cents worth app will help you detect the person you suspect as an alien, here's the description from the developer: "Alien Detector is a high-tech app that with the advanced use of accelerometer simulates a sophisticated alien life form detecting device. Just tilt your iPhone/iPod Touch a little to start the measurements."

Remember, the first step to stay out of alien's way is to spot one nearby.

Zombie Survival Kit

Aliens, zombies, what so different about them if they're all after your life.
But how about if you're done chasing or running away from aliens and zombies, you're cornered and forced to face them? There's an app called Zombie Survival Kit ($0.99 cents) to help you to talk your way out with one of its many features; the Zombie Translator.

Here's the description of the aforementioned feature by the developer: "When they do approach you, try and reason with them by using the zombie translator. We have carried out market research to identify the most useful sayings to say to zombies, and have converted these sayings to audio."

Besides that, my favorite feature would be the Zombie Insulter. But use it at your own risk, because not all zombies are alike, not all of them like to be insulted by mere mortals like us.

Wave Writer

Sometimes you just can't reason with aliens and zombies, because they're basically different from us, so the best thing to do is run. But like in any horror movies, we usually end up locked in a tall building or in a remote area.

And when help is coming, which a platoon of tough soldiers in a chopper is searching for you, screaming and shreaking like a little girl won't do any good. What you can really do is to use your iPhone/iPod Touch as a beacon light to attract the rescue team, there's an app up for that task: Wave Writer.

The free app is for creating a scrolling banner that matches to the speed of your phone as you wave. The effect is that of stationary text in space exposed by the phone. It's good for attracting people's attention, just becareful on attracting alien's attention as well while you're doing it.


The last effort, when all things fail.
Inspired by the recent reports of exploding iPhones, this app will blow off your iPhone automatically once activated. Just don't forget to throw your iPhone at the aliens & zombies, otherwise...
Watch the video on how to properly use it, or how you'll end up if you don't.

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