Saturday, September 5, 2009

You can now buy friends on Facebook

Guess it all comes down to money and riches.
Got 7.6 cents? For that price, you can have a total stranger who don't really care if you're alive or not to be your friend in Facebook.

An advertising service firm called uSocial is offering friends for the right price, or if your prefer a more subtle word; for those who need friends in this dire time. Based on uSocial's calculation, one Facebook friend is worth $1 to your business in return revenue. So by linking new friends who'll become potential customers for your business, you'll be able to get in touch and give updates via Facebook or email.

The uSocial promise to deliver 5000 new friends to an appointed Facebook account, that means you'll have to fork out $654.30 for virtual love. It's the highway road to make instant base of fans, painless, no more awful rejections and blocks to deal with.

Sneaky? Nah, it's just business, nothin' personal. ;-p

I just can't imagine how long the wall in my Facebook account will be with posts from 5000 people I barely know, Brennon Slattery from PC World said it perfectly: " With Facebook friends like that, who needs spam?" ~LOL~

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