Saturday, December 15, 2007

Be a mobile artist with Pocket Artist 3

I hadn't imagine that I'm going to need an application to edit pictures in my Treo 750v, because I thought I'll do it after I transfer the pictures from Treo to my laptop. Besides the applications that are available out there won't be sufficient to do that with Treo, that's the first impression I have in mind.
But after I have installed an add-on for IE Mobile (PIEPlus, I've posted before), I keep on downloading pictures I need from any websites I visited. I realized those pictures are either too big in pixels & size, that's why I needed to edit and slim them down before I could use them. That's when I decided to try this application from Conduits, called PocketArtist 3. After few times using this application, I'm amazed on how good PocketArtist 3 handle the pictures formats and it's features to edit pictures are just almost like the one we use in desktop/laptop computers. It's capabilities surprised me, now I can edit my pictures with my Treo aywhere I needed it to. (posted and the picture's edited with my Treo 750v)

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