Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tired of WinMob 6 news

The newest hype official released from Palm that has been the talk amongst Treo fans is the AT&T Treo 750 WinMob 6 upgrade. But I've been following almost every news about it from many sources, such as fans & analysts blogs from all over the internet. Their reviews are mostly express disappointments and simply no more surprises, because half of Treo users that are not AT&T already had their upgrade long time ago since the first release of WinMob 6.
All of the analysts have said that there aren't much improvement of WinMob 5 to 6 version, infact the changes are too minor that it should be more appropriate to be called as "Service Pack" instead. I must say that I agree with them, but so far I've been enjoying the HSDPA network availability in WinMob 6. That is one of the most significant improvement I can feel, specially when you're opening a huge website that doesn't come in mobile version. It will become AT&T Treo 750 users choice, whether they think this upgrade worth it or not. Although as long as it is free, I guess everyone will definitely get it.
Some of you maybe never thought of this upgrade as just another unnecessary burden for AT&T, because they need to put their resources together to get it working in tune for their already existing services. This means more expenses for them without any additional income, the upgrade of WinMob 6 is free after all. This perhaps the main reason why AT&T postponed the upgrade for so long.
But then again here's another rumored upgrade just popping around the news lately; WinMob 6.1, yes it sounds like a patch just like Office Mobile 6.1 released not so long ago too. The rumors say that this one will give the WinMob GUI looks like in Palm Centro 500w; the "Carousel" touch. This one has been anticipated more than the "too-late" WinMob 6 upgrade, because if this Carousel GUI is true then it will significantly change the way we'll use our Treo 750. (more details are on WMExperts article here: Which makes sense, Microsoft needs to fill in a gap before they're going to release WinMob 7 at the end of next year (still a prediction though).
But I put my money on the bet that AT&T is going to postpone any new upgrades, based on that previous experience with WinMob 6. And what would you choose if the WinMob 6.1 upgrade is not free, will you pay for it for just a GUI change? A big homework for those sales boys in Redmont, Microsoft headquarter, no more messing around for trial & error since iPhone has set such a high standard for a smartphone design.
Let's hope the best they all will deliver nicer & better Palm Treo next time, Palm needs a breakthrough product to get through their dire financial situation.

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