Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Super battery is soon coming!

I'm sure you guys of gadget lovers have already read this article from Engadget:, like everybody else I can't believe it before the product is actually released to manufacturers and when we can try it out ourselves. Hopefully those big boys at Toshiba pace up the release date, they have been promoting the battery (called SCiB) for it's heat resistance strenght, check out the link for latest news.
But to imagine that kind of battery as the power source of your smartphone is so unbelievable, must be very handy for those who have no time to be glued to their desks and must run to the field every now and then. Just plug once for 5 minutes to your smatphone's power plug, then you'll set to go mobile again.
Imagine what things you can do with your Treo if it could stay on for so long? Hope Palm engineers pick this one up for the next Treo's standard accessories (fingers crossed).

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