Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Treo 750v saves days without cable internet connection!

It has been three days now since the cable internet at my place not performing well, sometimes it goes flat and loss any connection at all. So lucky I has Treo 750v, looks like I bought it right on time. Now I use it for almost everything my laptop do like check emails, RSS news, blogging, find informations on the net, play musics, etc. Best of all is I can do all of them every time I want, and entertain me while I'm on the line waiting for a queue or an appoinment. I wanted to use my Treo 750v to download BitTorrent, but that will drain the battery faster then I'll have to charge it and leave it on the desk. Later I feels that opening a mobile websites are more faster and take less data bytes than Now I felt like don't have much need to use my laptop & iPod anymore, everything can be done by Treo. Hope y'all have a great mid-week (it's Wednesday here, one of most boring day of a week)!

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